All About Ciders

March 20, 2013 by

I have been introduced to ciders, and I have fallen in love. My all time favourite is Somersby. Ciders are made with apple, and have an apple taste, but Somersby adds apple flavour so it tastes like juice! I can’t wait to enjoy some on a patio when the nice weather rolls in. (image source)

1000 Islands

March 15, 2013 by

Inspired by Branding 10,000 Lakes so we’re taking up our own challenge: Branding 1000 Islands (actually there are more than 1,000)! So cheer us on and if you want to contribute a design, send us a message and we’ll allocate an island to you. Yes, you’ll own an island (well, sort of)! (Image Source)

Chiang Mai Elephant Trek

March 14, 2013 by

While I am on vacation in Thailand, I will be going on an Elephant trek in Chiang Mai. We’ve opted to do a one day tour as we’re only there for 3 days, and would love to see some old temples and do some other exploring. I think this may end up being one of my favourite parts of our Thailand trip! (Image Source)

It’s planning time!

March 13, 2013 by

I’m planning my summer wedding and am tired of looking at inspiration online. The lovely Sam Dubeau of Have & Hold Design was giving away tickets for Lovestruck Wedding and Sassy Events Expo on April 7th and I jumped at the chance to go. (Image Source)

Jane Loves Target

March 11, 2013 by

Hip, Hip, Horray! Three Target locations opened in Ontario last week! Archer Farms, Sonia Kushuk and Canadian’s own Roots are among the great brands found in Target. No longer a need to cross the border and have limits on how much we can buy or having to ditch our old kicks to wear new ones home! (Image Source)

Alice’s mad tea party

March 6, 2013 by

If you love Alice in Wonderland, you’re sure to love Alice’s Mad Tea Party app. This game has the cutest graphics similar to the original book illustrations, and a storyline that’ll get you hooked!