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Branding the One Thousand Islands of which there are actually almost 2,000, is a feat, and wouldn’t be quite the same without the collaboration of our fellow designers. We invite you to view some of the amazing work contributed so far, and we invite you to join in on the fun!

  • Arcadia Island
    Mike Fafalios
  • Ash Island
    Adam Johns
  • Astounder Island
    Zachary Hobson
  • Bass Island
    Kristine Planche
  • Berry Island
    Suzanna Thuerig
  • Birchholme Island
    Mike Fafalios
  • Black Cat Island
    Sarah Wu
  • Blackduck Island
    Suzanna Thuerig
  • Bluff Island
    Amy Reynolds
  • Butterfly Island
    Claudia Yuen
  • Camelot Island
    Julie De Luna
  • Chicken Island
    Dana Dinh

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